When "Old School" Isn't Cool

Sometimes it's cool to go "Old School", like with vinyl records, vintage sneakers and s'mores. But when it comes to integrating background checks with your HR software, "Old School" isn't cool.

"Old School" Software Integrations

The old school way of integrating background checks to your HR software, like your Applicant Tracking System, HRIS or Payroll platform, requires an API (special coding) to connect the systems. This approach can be inconvenient to set up and costly to maintain, and if you change HR software, there's a good chance you won't be able to keep your background checks vendor.

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New School Hirelink Integration

Our new solution is a Chrome browser extension called Hirelink.

Hirelink "pulls" the applicant email address from your applicant tracking or onboarding system and sends an email invitation to your applicant. Your applicant clicks a link in the email, enters the required information and electronically signs the authorization form.

We email you to let you know the applicant completed this step and then we email you when the report is complete.

You can then open Hirelink in your applicant tracking or onboarding system and view individual reports or see all completed reports.

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"New School" Has So Many Benefits

  • There is no special programming required
  • There will never be any software glitches
  • Works with every HR software system
  • There are no data security concerns
  • Keep your vendor if you change HR software
  • There are no activation or usage fees

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New School works with every applicant tracking or
onboarding system, including: